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What’s in a name? Everything.

mo·sa·ic - mōˈzā-ik


noun (in art)

  1. a picture or pattern created by arranging together small pieces of material, such as stone, tile, or glass.


verb (in marketing)

  1. the art of delivering a consistent message across interactive mediums to create one brand image.


Just as mosaic art is the creation of one image through an assemblage of many pieces, mosaic marketing is the creation of one brand image across many platforms. 

The team at Mosaic understands the difficulty of strategic marketing, and can help you fit all of the pieces together.  From print to digital, we’ve got you covered.  Our creative team of experts can assist with everything from business development advisory to proposal or grant writing, from collateral material development to social media marketing.  Need a new website?  We can do that.  Logo need a refresh?  Consider it done.

For the past two years, Mosaic’s leadership team has been providing marketing consulting services for several satisfied customers and is quite proud of our progress to date.  Though we officially organized in February 2014, Mosaic now has the structure and platform to propel our business well into the future.  Mosaic is a boutique marketing and business development agency backed by powerful partners that enable us to provide full-service marketing and advertising services to our clients. Initially formed to target the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan area, we have quickly crossed those boundaries and have had the pleasure to do business with clients across the nation.

What boundaries will you help us cross next?

Floor mosaic from a Roman Villa with the head of Dionysus, circa late 2nd to 3rd Century B.C., displayed in the museum at the archaeological site of the Temple of Apollo in Ancient Corinth, Peloponnese, Greece. Photo courtesy of Alicia Lombardo, President & Founder of Mosaic, on her travels.

Meet Our Leaders

  • Alicia Lombardo
  • Tamara Poulson
  • Megan Kovel
  • Bailey

Meet Our Partners

  • ArachnidWorks
  • Adam Stultz
  • Render Solid