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Service-Focused Agency

We don’t do products. That doesn’t mean we can’t - or won’t, because some day we will - but for now, we do services. It’s our niche. It’s our passion. It’s where we feel most at home.

Mosaic was built on a foundation of creativity, entrepreneurship, and a humble professional services background. It was founded specifically to serve those who are consistently underserved in this big world of consumer driven products developed by large billion dollar firms with multi-million dollar advertising budgets. We take pride in providing effective strategic marketing services for small to mid-sized businesses, nonprofit organizations, government entities and educational institutions in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area - and nationwide! Our clients are accountants, investors, engineers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, do-gooders, minority business owners, government employees, education professionals and everything in between!

We get it. Running a business is hard. You wear far too many hats. There’s no time to eat or sleep, let alone maintain a social media page. You must make every penny count. And sometimes marketing just doesn’t fit into that equation. But it should. And trust me, we’ve been there. We understand your growing pains, your expansive haberdashery collection, and your sleep deprivation. Most importantly, we understand your pennies. We will make every single one of those count. Every time.

Our Niche Markets

Professional Services 

The heart and soul of Mosaic’s background is deeply rooted in the professional services industry.  Our business development experts have spent the majority of their careers in the B2B marketplace and have the breadth of experience required to address your business goals.  Whether you’re an accountant seeking a strategic marketing plan, an engineer looking to create a rebranding campaign, a marketing manager needing temporary outsourced proposal writing, or a lawyer that is desperate for new collateral materials, we have the skills required to meet your needs.

Minority-Owned Businesses

As a woman-owned business founded by a professional who spent her entire career developing MBE’s and working with many other forms of minority businesses, Mosaic takes pride in its commitment to serving such a diverse group of talented entities. From one minority owner to another, our experts can help SBE/SDB, DBE, WBE and VSBE/DVBE navigate the complex minority and supplier diversity certification applications, assist with proposal submissions, or even function as your outsourced marketing department.

Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations hold a special place in our hearts because we understand the unique, special challenges that each one faces. With far too little resources, overworked management teams, and a perpetual lack of volunteers, NPOs often have a tough time meeting daily goals. Should you find yourself juggling too many responsibilities, or struggling to find the budget to hire a full time employee, allow Mosaic to assist your organization. Our team is skilled in the areas of public relations, community outreach, grant writing, and social media marketing, to name a few.


We’ve been there.  The sleepless nights, the seemingly endless cups of coffee, the differences between business partners, the self doubt, the what-ifs and the unknown.  We know these feelings all too well.  But you’re not alone.  Mosaic’s branding services will help create a memorable identity for your company and position your firm within the marketplace.  We can also provide a full range of web and interactive services to build your online presence and communicate effectively with your target audience.  Sometimes we all just need a little help. Let us help.

Government Entities

Whether you work for the Federal Government, a State or local government, or any supporting governmental department, agency or instrumentality, Mosaic’s professionals understand your needs. In this new age of increased transparency, government entities face the complex challenge of serving and protecting its citizens while maintaining operational efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability. We want you to focus on your mission so that we can focus on your marketing. Mosaic will provide simple solutions to raise public awareness and position your entity for support or funding.

Educational Institutions

Educational institutions come in many shapes and sizes, but they all have one common goal – increasing student enrollment. More students means higher profits and therefore more funding for better supplies, well qualified teachers, effective programs and extracurricular activities, competitive sports teams, new buildings, cost-effective housing solutions and innovative technologies to enhance the educational experience received by each student. Our team has experience providing marketing and advertising services to a variety of public and private institutions as well as their related foundations.

Client Locations

"Everyone is not your customer.”